ZenteriaMC - Website release!

xSuPeRLanD OWNERDEV posted Dec 13, 18


Welcome to ZenteriaMC! ZMC isn't another typical Minecraft server. ZenteriaMC is unique, custom, and a full PvP, Survival, and Mini-Game based server. We have games such as the classic Kit PvP, Modern Kit PvP with special abilities, and Infection!

This server is 1.8.x but you are still able to connect with 1.11 and 1.9.

That being said, we hope to see you engaging with our community! Our staff are professionally trained, friendly and overall, enjoyable to be around.

If you are having any issues posting on the forums, it's because you do not have your minecrft character attached to your Enjin account. We do this for security reasons and to avoid any bots that wish to ruin the experience. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Other than that, if you have anything that we could improve on, please speak to us on the forums! We are always willing to hear your ideas and to put them into action!

Last is that if you wish to apply to become a team member of the ZenteriaMC Staff Team, you can apply here

Click Here to Join our Discord Server!

Please note that the owners are the busiest individuals in this community. Please do not expect a response most of the time.

Thanks for choosing ZenteriaMC!

Any staff hunters will not be tolerated and will be banned from applying until further notice.